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Santa Comes To Visit

"Santa Comes To Visit" is an annual project aimed at providing relief to the disadvantaged during the Christmas season and to usher in the New Year celebrations.

We are aware that certain people particularly widows, single mothers and their children do not have the privilege of enjoying Christmas and the New Year celebrations mostly due to lack of finance or even to unfortunate circumstances like the death of a breadwinner.

Vulnerable children look forlorn and wear long faces looking up to their mothers or caregivers who struggle to make ends meet with little or nothing.They wish to celebrate like everyone else but they are hopeless.

The season, instead of being a season of joy, happiness and beautiful memories becomes a season of tears, sorrow and pain for these unfortunate people. This is therefore, our little way of positively impacting the lives of these people.

Gifts of food items, clothing, shoes, toys and toiletries are donated to families who are selected via an online forum during this initiative.

More than 200 people have benefitted from this initiative so far.

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