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Quality, inclusive education.

Education is a fundamental human right: Every child is entitled to it. It is a powerful tool for not only bringing about socio-economic changes in society but it can also help achieve equality and improve access to services. There is no doubt that education plays a key role in the fight against poverty.


When we ensure that children have access to a rights-based, quality education that is rooted in gender equality, we create a ripple effect of opportunity that impacts generations unborn. This is because it ends generational cycles of poverty and disease and provides a foundation for sustainable development.


We want vulnerable and excluded children, particularly girls to have the education they need to succeed in life. This means promoting quality education that is accessible to all. Access to quality education is not only a basic human right, it is a critical component of a foundation for a more productive and happier life.


A quality basic education better equips girls with the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt healthy lifestyles, protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and take an active role in the social, economic, and political decision-making process as they transition to adolescence and adulthood. In addition, a rights-based approach to education can address some of the societies' deeply rooted inequalities. These inequalities condemn millions of children, particularly girls, to a life without quality education and, therefore, to a life of missed opportunities.


Save Our Needy uses innovative methods to promote teaching and learning. We also work to improve education through an enterprise by promoting entrepreneurship in schools.


Illiteracy is one of the biggest contributing factors to intergenerational poverty in Africa, that’s why at Save Our Needy, one of our core programs is to focus on expanding access to primary/basic education for children particularly girls. As leaders of today and tomorrow, girls are key to achieving systemic transformation that will build a world grounded in justice, fairness, and equity. We believe in the right to education as a weapon against injustice and inequality, which is why we will not stop until every child, no matter where she lives, has the opportunity to fulfill her potential. Every girl deserves a chance to learn and succeed.


Our work in education has led us to construct and rehabilitating low-income schools, providing learning equipment and back to school kits for vulnerable and marginalized children especially girls. 


We are working to support and empower girls, drive change, and to advance girls’ rights and equality for girls.


"Some people in my community still think educating girls is a waste of time.

I disagree. I'm determined to become a nurse. I'll change the minds of those people." - Hadiza, 14, Nigeria.

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