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Education is crucial for the empowerment and emancipation of children, and the realization of all other human rights. It is not only essential for a strong economy, it is important in breaking the cycle of poverty. Every child should have access to education so that they can have a better and more promising future. You can help keep children in school. Support our school projects.                                                                                                    

Many public (low-income) schools in Nigeria today lack the necessary facilities to enable children study in a conducive environment. These schools are dilapidated and in a state of total disrepair with no doors or windows. The walls of the buildings and classrooms have gaping cracks on them; the fences are broken leaving the children exposed with no security and sometimes having to share their classes with wild animals which cause grave danger to them. The roofs are a shamble mess of rusty roofing sheets with numerous big holes through which the harsh African sunlight and even rainfall stream onto the heads of pupils during classes.


Classes in these schools are overcrowded due to lack of adequate space and there is also a conspicuous lack of basic necessities such as chairs and desks. Some pupils even have to sit on bare floors while others have to stand to take their lessons due to this unfortunate situation. There are no whiteboards in some of the schools and this makes learning difficult for the pupils. Worse still, these schools cannot boast of toilet facilities or even water!

Lack of good toilet facilities and potable water is extremely detrimental to the health of pupils as this gives rise to improper hygiene and sanitation. Children do not wash their hands after defecating due to lack of water and then they eat their meals using the same dirty hands. For this reason, infections spread easily among them.


This situation has led to an alarming rate of children falling sick. Young girls are worst hit. They face multiple challenges when they are menstruating. There are no toilet facilities; no water and they lack privacy to change their sanitary pads. Many girls miss school for several days in a row for this reason.

Abule-Ayo Nursery and Primary School toilet facility

All of these inadequacies add up to create a very unfavourable learning environment which leads to an alarmingly high dropout and low pass rate amongst disadvantaged children attending low-cost (public) primary schools as they do not find any pleasure in attending school.


Abule-Ayo Nursery and Primary School, Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria, is in dire need of rehabilitation. They need chairs, desks, whiteboards, toilet facilities, pipe-borne water, more classrooms, repairs of doors and windows as well as roofs. The pupils are faced daily with challenges of learning through a lack of facilities. This discourages enrolment, reducing learning.


Your kind and generous donation will go a long way in providing a promising future for the more than 1000 pupils attending the school.


Your gift of $25 will provide a table and chair for a child.

For a monthly cost of $40, you can help build a new toilet facility.


Please donate to a worthy cause. THANK YOU!!! 


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